Don’t air your dirty laundry, we’ll come and pick it up!

Got laundry piling up but can’t make it to the dry cleaner? Let the cleaners come to you! Morellis Cleaners’ pickup and delivery laundry services can help you get your laundry done even if you have a million other things to do.

There is no Mr. Morellis

Our friends and customers think of Tony as the man behind the freshly cleaned curtains at Morellis Cleaners. But many people do not realize there is no Mr. Morellis. Tony Ellis and his partner Michael Moore (Moore + Ellis = Morellis) founded Morellis Cleaners in October of 1985 and have been proudly keeping the clothes and household items of Indianapolis clean ever since.

Tony’s dry cleaning journey from London to Indianapolis is just one small part of our story and the roots we have in this city we love is a big part of the Morellis Cleaners difference as your local dry cleaner.

Extra! Extra!

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