4 Benefits to Ironing Clothes

Ironing clothes on ironing board

Keeping up with housework and household chores can be a full-time job. So, when it comes to making sure everything that needs to be done on any given busy day many people like to spend as little time as possible. Because of this, ironing clothes has become a bit of a lost art in many homes.

But honestly, it is pretty understandable as it is pretty far down the totem pole on the list of enjoyable chores. You have to get out the ironing board, let your press heat up, and then painstakingly work over your clothes. All the while, you have to be ever mindful you don’t ruin them by lingering too long and leaving a comically placed iron mark or burning yourself on the hot iron. It isn’t exactly a chore you can zone out while you do.

Now, do you really need to iron every single item of clothing in your closet and cupboards? No. Your socks, underwear, lazy Sunday pajamas, and t-shirts will be just fine without the extra care of pressing. Although come to think of it, can you imagine how nice a freshly ironed pair of underpants would feel?

However, for delicate pieces, clothes you wear when you need to look your best like formal wear, clothes you wear to professional events, and even some household items like curtains and special tablecloth, regular pressing is important to keep them looking as great as you need them to, with some other added benefits of course.

You may not love the idea of ironing your clothes, but consider these benefits to ironing your clothes and you may come round to the idea of adding it to your laundry routine. 

Freshens clothes to look good as new

Ironing clothes is the best way to keep them looking as good as they did when you first pulled it off the rack. Pressing eliminates wrinkles, creases, folds, and can even help strengthen the fabric helping the piece look better for longer. 

These irregularities occur over the course of that article’s life, but can also be exacerbated during the course of cleaning in the rough and tumble washing and drying machine if you aren’t careful. Getting your clothes ironed helps keep the abuse they get during regular cleaning.

Ironing clothes kills germs

Steam irons need to heat up to extremely high temperatures in order to press clothes correctly. An added benefit to getting your clothes ironed is that these high temperatures are more than capable of killing germs and bacteria that may be lingering on the surface of your clothes.

Of course, the major concern in our world right now is the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to note that there is no evidence that ironing your clothes will kill the coronavirus or prevent it from spreading. However, pressing your clothes is effective at eliminating other kinds of bacteria and organisms that can cling to clothes and lead to the growth of mold and fungi.  

Helps control and prevent shrinkage

Shrinkage. It was unwelcome on the famous episode of Seinfeld and it is certainly unwelcome with your laundry. Over time, the regular washing and cleaning of your clothes can cause the shrinkage of fibers. Some laundry detergents and dry cleaning methods can minimize shrinkage but over time it will occur.

Regular ironing your clothes can help strengthen and rejuvenate the fibers of your clothes not only preventing your clothes from shrinking but help restore their ordinary shape, size, and appearance as well. Why does this work? The steam and moisture from the press help relax the fibers, loosening them from their rigid state.  

Stand out in the crowd

Ironing clothes gives you a boost that you may not actually see, but you will certainly feel. The culmination of having better fitting, cleaning, fresher, unwrinkled clothes is that when you wear those clothes you will be a better and more confident looking version of yourself.

When you need to stand out and look your best, whether it’s an important meeting at work or a first date, freshly pressed clothes can make sure you look the part and that your first impression is a dynamite one.

As rewarding as ironing your clothes is, it can be a bit of an extra chore to do yourself. If you like to wash your own clothes but don’t have the time or patience to iron them, let us do it for you! Morellis Cleaners offers press services in addition to our range of laundry and dry cleaning services at our eight locations across. We can pick up your clean clothes and do just the pressing. 

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