Don’t Wash That! Always Take These 5 Things to the Dry Cleaners

There is nothing worse than doing a load of laundry only to find out that you have ruined one of your favorite articles of clothing! Even if you pay attention to the instructions on the tag, it isn’t difficult to still find yourself in this situation.

Taking the proper care of your clothes can be downright confusing at times! That’s why we decided to help bring a little clarity to your dry cleaning conundrums. Here is a quick list of clothing and other items that you should always take to dry cleaners if you want to ensure they stay properly cleaned and maintained without risking damage.


You may be able to get away with some amount of spot cleaning on your dirty suits. But for any kind of substantial cleaning, you’ll definitely want to take them to be professionally cleaned.

Hand washing your suits can be a very involved process and throwing them in your washer and dryer can cause troublesome wrinkles and stretching. Don’t risk losing your favorite suit’s dapperness. Dry cleaners can ensure that your suits are clean, crisp, and wrinkle-free for those occasions when you need to be looking your absolute best.

Clothing with embellishments

Washers and dryers can take care of plain clothes because they can easily withstand the tossing and turning they get put through. However, any items you have with common embellishments like embroidery, rhinestones, stitched printing, sequins, studs, or frills don’t have the same sturdiness.

The tumbling and tossing around these kinds of clothing items will get put through in your washer and dryer will cause damage to these delicate embellishments causing them to come loose, come undone, or completely fall off and causing irreversible damage to your favorite clothes. A professional dry cleaner can get these items cleaned and protect the decorative embellishments that make them so unique!

Fragile materials

Linen, cotton, and other more durable fabrics and materials can withstand the heat and and punishment of a washer and dryer and come out the otherside holding their shape, color, and texture. Other materials are more fragile and need the delicate touch of a dry cleaner to get them cleaned without ruining them.

Be sure you take any items made from silk, velvet, wool, rayon, chiffon, or acetate to a dry cleaner to make sure they get the best care. Many of these items can lose their luster and textures, get stretched in a washing machine, or shrink significantly in a dryer, even if you are extra careful.

Clothing with pleats

Pleats are an exciting decorative style for many skirts and dresses. But without proper care, pleats can be very difficult to maintain and keep these items full of style. Tossing these items in the wash is a sure fire way to lose those folds. Drop them off at the cleaners instead.

A professional dry cleaner can make sure these items get the necessary cleaning they need without compromising the quality of the pleats. In fact, not only can taking pleated clothing to a dry cleaner keep them better maintained, they may also have the capability to help restore any fading pleats and help them look as good as new!

Sentimental items

Many people have particular items that have a very deep personal value to them. Think about your wedding dress or that one-of-a-kind quilt your grandmother knitted just for you. These are pieces that have irreplaceable value and simply cannot be replaced.

If you have an item like this that needs washed and the thought of accidentally ruining it yourself is too much to bear, take them to a dry cleaner for any washing or cleaning. The advantage of using a dry cleaner is that they have the tools needed to handle the cleaning and care of even the most important, delicate, or irreplaceable items so you don’t need to worry about you ruining these kinds of items with DIY cleaning techniques.

Not sure if something in your home needs to be taken to a dry cleaner? We can help you figure out how to get your items the cleaning and care they need. Morellis Cleaners has served the Indianapolis area for over 35 years, providing dry cleaning services for our customers at our eight separate locations.

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