5 Better Things You Could Be Doing Instead of Laundry

Nobody will ever say doing laundry is a waste of time. It is necessary to keep yourself and your clothes looking, and more importantly smelling, clean and wonderful. However, one must admit that it isn’t the most fun or entertaining of household chores. 

It’s time-consuming and can be a bit of a bore. You put in your load of dirty clothes, twiddle your thumbs till it’s done, take it out, put it in the dryer, wait again, and then shut your brain off while you work through folding and hanging the newly cleaned laundry. 

Sure, you have some downtime in between a few of the stages, but not enough time to do anything significant. Plus if you have a lot of washing to do, you may just be spending that time preparing and folding other clothes. Laundry is important to get done, but with so much else you need to do or wish you could be doing, wouldn’t it be nice if you could get laundry off of your plate? 

Leave the washing and the folding to us! Morellis Cleaners is now offering pickup and delivery laundry services for all your day to day clothing as well as your delicates and dry clean only clothes. We’ll pick up your mountain of dirty clothes and bring them back washed and folded in no time. 

Just imagine it, with the normal time it would take you to do you and your family’s laundry off your plate by Morellis’ pickup and delivery laundry services you’ll have extra time to do other more important things like this.

Take a nap

Just freed up a couple of hours out of your Sunday? You are darn sure we would be taking advantage and getting caught up on some beauty sleep. Enjoy the time you won’t need to spend washing and folding laundry by kicking your feet up on the couch and catching some shut-eye. That is if your kids will let you!

Cook a proper dinner

How many evenings have you spent doing laundry after work that the day gets away from you and you have to settle for takeout, delivery, fast food, or reheating sad leftovers for dinner? With no laundry to bother with, you have a chance to stop at the store and make yourself and your family a proper dinner and maybe even try something new out.

Go for a walk

It has been a crazy year, but you know what is a perfect way to clear your mind and reset? Going out for a walk and getting a little bit of fresh air and enjoying some nature. Now that Morellis is taking care of your laundry you have some time to take the dogs for a nice walk, or just go by yourself, and get a little bit of extra exercise and peace of mind.

Clean the house

Cleaning your clothes is important, but so is cleaning your home. But, with only so many hours in the day sometimes you have to choose between laundry and cleaning, as much as it makes us shudder, the bathrooms. Well now that you don’t need to spend time fiddling with laundry the decision, whether that’s a good thing or bad thing in your eyes, doesn’t have to be made. Take the free time and spend it doing the sweeping, scrubbing, and cleaning that needs to be done to keep your home looking great.

Spend time with family

These days we can never spend too much time with family. Sunday is a pretty typical day to be doing laundry, but it is also a day much better spent spending time with the ones you love. Take that extra hour or so you’ve gotten back to FaceTime grandma, take the kids to the park, or find some other fun activities to do together. Maybe they can even help you with that cleaning!

Tired of doing laundry? We aren’t! Bring your dirty clothes to Morellis Cleaners, or better yet have us come pick it up for you, and restore a few precious hours back into your week so you can spend it doing things you actually want to, or should be, doing… like taking naps.

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