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No matter how clean your home is…

the items you have inside from tablecloths to napkins, whether stored in the attic or on display in the living room, will always attract a bit of dust and oil from the environment. We will handle all of these household items, especially around the holidays when it’s more difficult and chaotic. Those specialty tablecloths and napkins will keep your home smelling and feeling fresh and clean while your company is over during the holiday seasons!

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Cleaning of Household Items

Over time, your bedding items can accumulate a variety of unwanted items. Bed bugs, dust mites, viruses brought into the house, and an array of other visitors can cling to your bedding and make life miserable! To ensure that your bedding remains clean, it’s critical to have it cleaned at least once a week, if not more! We recommend having an extra set of sheets and bedding to use while your items are being cleaned at Morellis.

Did you know that cleaning down blankets can build up mold and mildew if not done correctly? Don’t stress about having a potentially harmful substance stuck in your fluffy down blankets. We have all the correct equipment and experience to clean your down feather items and leave them in tip-top shape.

How you clean your household items is as critical as how often you clean them. We ensure that your items are put through the most rigorous of prespotting and cleaning processes to ensure the cleanest possible end result.

Morellis is here to help with cleaning all of your household items, including the window treatments hanging throughout the house. Remember, drapes and window treatments should be cleaned every two years in order to achieve maximum life span. Our machines can handle the large size of these items and our staff members can handle those tough stains that won’t come out, no matter how hard you try! Where regular washing machines might cause your items to fall apart or shrink, our machines will preserve the items as they are.

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