Count on our years of experience to clean your shirts and have them ready for that next event.

Having laundered shirts is crucial to complete a polished outfit. A clean and well pressed shirt sets the tone of professionalism that we all desire. When you bring your dress shirts to Morellis, you can count on all of our experienced staff to determine what the best cleaning method will be for your garment. It depends on a few different factors, the biggest being the fabric of the shirt. Based on the fabric, the care label, and occasionally the buttons, we will either dry clean or launder the item.


Boxed Shirt…$3.75


Press Only Services

Did you just open a new shirt? Get that outfit in the mail, only to open the box and see it’s all wrinkled? This happens all the time! Luckily, Morellis offers a service that allows you to bring those items in and get them pressed at one low price.

There are a variety of press only options on our menu, including (but not limited to): all clothing items (yes, including wedding dresses) and household items such as drapes, sheets, and blankets. The possibilities are endless, it just takes a moment to bring those items into your nearest location!


Short Dress/Jumpsuit…$4.99

Long Dress/Jumpsuit…$5.99


Wash & Fold

The wash and fold service is a newer service that was started due to a demand from a few different customers. We had people with college students coming home for break that had large loads of laundry and wanted to know if we could do it. Of course, we said yes! And that is where the wash and fold journey began.

We offer this service by the pound. When we get a bag in, we weigh it on our electronic scales and enter it into the point of sale at the rate of $1.99 per pound. This service is completed by our laundry staff at our main plant off Binford Blvd.

Per pound…$1.99

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Deciding Between Dry Cleaning and Laundry

How is that decision made, you ask? We actually have a very extensive list that everyone is trained to follow. So, what fabrics will we send to the laundry? Cotton. If your shirt is nylon, spandex, silk, or linen, it’s going to be sent to the dry clean side for the safety of the shirt! If it is not sent to dry clean, this means it’s being sent to our laundry facility.

Laundered shirts are all separated by color and by starch preference first. They are then individually pretreated. That means every single collar, cuff, and prespot stain is hand treated for the best possible quality and care. They are then placed into the industrial washer to be put through a cleaning cycle. Once they are out, the wet shirts are all shaken out and taken over to our state of the art pressing equipment.

During the pressing process, the equipment is used to press and dry the shirts. The first staff member to handle to shirts is the person on the collar and cuff machine. Just as it’s name states, this machine specifically presses and dries every collar and cuff set on the shirts. Once this process is done, the shirts are moved to the staff member that is on the buck. The buck is where the magic happens! This intricate machine dries and presses the body of the shirts as well as blows out the sleeves. We have a double buck at our laundry facility, so one shirt is placed on to be pressed and blown, then it spins around to the other side so that another shirt can be placed on for the same process! This makes it so the staff can produce significantly more shirts in a shorter time frame.

Once the shirt is freshly pressed and dry, the staff member who works on the collar and cuff machine puts the shirt on a cone to set the collar into place. Once the collar is set, the shirt is placed on a wire hanger and the collar is buttoned as well as the second button and a plastic collar stay is put into place so that it can move down the assembly line.

After the shirts have been cleaned and pressed, they go through a detailed quality inspection. This includes inspecting for any missed spots, as well as checking for any wrinkles still in the shirt or creases that may have been missed. The shirt is also inspected at this time for any missing or broken buttons, which are then replaced on site by our team members at no additional cost.

The last part of our laundry process is assembling the shirts, which places them with the matching tag number on the invoice. Once the order is complete, it is taken to the bagging station where it is covered using our Morellis Cleaners poly bag, the invoice is then attached, and it is hung with the other orders for the store that it goes to. Note, if it is a boxed order, it goes from the assembly to the boxing station where it is folded, bagged, invoice is attached, and it goes to the waiting area to be placed on the truck to go to the store!

Remember, you can pair any of our services with our FREE pickup and delivery service for ultimate convenience!

When to Choose Press Only

We know that customers don’t always need to get their items cleaned, especially if they are new or if they were just cleaned! This is where the press only service comes in handy. This service is offered for items across the spectrum, from clothing to household. If the item can be pressed, then it can be done as press only.

Maybe you like cleaning your clothes at your home, with your own detergent or in a special way, but when it comes to pressing, you just can’t seem to get it right! This service takes the stress and hassle of ironing and puts it on us. As we like to say, there are better ways to pump iron, let us do the heavy lifting for you!

Wash & Fold Service Process

When they receive the bags, they begin by separating into loads based on color and sometimes fabric, if necessary. They then get the industrial grade detergent and softener put in after loading the items into the washer.

Keep in mind, we say items because this service does not just have to be for clothing items! We often get wash and fold orders of towels, sheets, linens, and lots and lots of socks! We do pride ourselves on ALWAYS pairing socks and never having that pesky one sock without a buddy somehow lost in the cleaning process.

Once the items have been washed and dried, they are all laid out before folding to avoid those pesky wrinkles. We fold all the items in the “reail fold” to get the most crisp lines, while also being compact for when you are putting the items away at home.

Whether the laundry feels like it is constantly piling up or you just want that extra time with your family, we are here to take your laundry off of your hands. Let us make your life one step easier!

Extra! Extra!

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