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Let us make your life easier with our pickup and delivery service!

Pickup and Delivery is a new service offered to make the lives of our customers easier. We have an app for quick and painless signup and we also have an app for our drivers to be in constant contact with customers regarding their orders. From pickup to delivery, the customer is in the know about their orders and where they are at in the process.

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To sign up, the customer must first make an account on the CleanCloud app. Once they have created a login, they can go to their settings and decide when they would like us to start coming (choose a Tuesday or Friday) and then they decide the frequency with which they would like us to come (ex: every week, every other week, etc). Once those decisions are made on the customer side, we receive the information on our manifest that is given to the driver every Tuesday and Friday.

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Our Pickup & Delivery Process

The driver goes to the customers on the manifest every Tuesday and Friday, unless otherwise specified by the customer (via the app). The customer is told to put their maroon Morellis Cleaners bag on their porch by 9am, so the driver can easily grab the cleaning and leave. If the driver is dropping clothes off from the previous pickup, they will hang it on the door (unless a different spot is specified by the customer.) Once the items are put into the system, the customer will receive an email with the invoices for each order. 

Once all of the clothes are picked up, the driver then takes them to our main plant on Binford to get put into the system. Our pickup and delivery service is considered its own store within our point of sale. This makes it easier to decipher for everyone who is involved in the cleaning and assembling of the orders. All items are then sent to the Binford plant to be processed. 

After processing is complete, the orders are assembled together by the invoice number. Then the orders are bundled per customer, so the driver knows how many orders to drop at each house that day. If the driver picked the orders up on Tuesday, they will be dropping them back to the customer on Friday. If they picked the orders up on Friday, they will be dropping them back to the customer on Tuesday. 

The customer will receive each order with the individual invoice attached. These invoices are compiled for the month on their account. At the beginning of the next month, the customer receives an email with a pdf that shows a combination of all the invoices from the previous month. The total is then charged onto the card that is on file and the balance is put back to zero for the next month! 

A perk of our pickup and delivery service that hasn’t been discussed, is the fact that we can come directly into the house to pickup large rugs if the customer needs. It is often difficult to get large rugs rolled up, carried out to the car, brought all the way to one of the stores, and then processed through the system. WIth our pickup and delivery service added, the driver can now come in and help the customer get the rug rolled up and carried out to the Morellis truck. 

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