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Suede & Leather

Suede and Leather cleaning is a specialized service and we outsource to a specialized company. Your leather and suede items are not just cleaned but conditioned, re-colored, pressed, and deodorized. Repairs and alterations are also part of this process.

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Suede & Leather Cleaning Process

This auxiliary service has been entrusted to our cleaning partners, Sunshine Cleaners, for years. They are the leading service provider for leather and suede cleaning in Central America. So, why do we choose Sunshine? What service do they provide that is so great? Well, the answers to those questions are quite extensive (which is good for us as the customers!)

All leather garments that are sent to Sunshine to be cleaned include cleaning (of course), conditioning, re-coloring (as needed), pressing and de-oderizing. So, what items can be sent for these services? Our most popular options are leather handbags and accessories. These special items are part of everyone’s wardrobe and the wear and tear from everyday use is often thought to be irreparable. Lucky for you, that is not the case!

Your favorite bag that has those coffee stains and snacks stuck at the bottom is in fact fixable. Sunshine offers expert cleaning and color restoration as well as removal of those stains and spills from daily use. They have the capability of touching up the color on the entire bag or just part of the bag and color restoration is included in the cleaning price! Talk about a steal!

Leather cleaning is a specialized process designed to preserve the look and feel of the leather or suede garment’s. Leather has many unique characteristics that require special understanding and knowledge in order to professionally clean it. Leather garments and accessories use various dyeing and pigment techniques to reach different appearances and effects. Understanding colors, dyes, pigmentation, garment construction, alone with characteristics of different types of leather is what Sunshine offers as a professional service.

Providing a professional leather service is not just about the cleaning. The refinishing or recoloring of the garment is the most vital part of producing a high quality piece. Keep in mind, without the color restoration process, you are not receiving professional leather cleaning. Sunshine has decades of experience in restoring colors and they mix colors from scratch to match each garment as needed. Top coats are used to replicate the look and feel that the designer intended and oils and dyes are used to restore suede.

To receive the full service, they must also include repairs and alterations, which of course they do. The seamstresses and tailors at their company understand the construction of the garment, which allows them to offer a wide variety of services from replacing buttons and zippers, to replacing lining, to shortening sleeves! Having this full line of service available rounds out the leather processing.

Once the leather is cleaned, refinished, and repaired/altered the item moves to their pressing department. This is the final step in the leather process to make it look its best. Sunshines uses tension equipment, utility presses, forms, brushes, and buffers to get that final look ready to send.

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