Wedding Gowns

This is something that we split between our drycleaning plant and outsourcing to Sunshine, depending on the dress fabric and delicacy (beads, sequins, lace, etc.) Both Morellis and Sunshine have decades of experience in handling these hard to clean items like wedding gowns. The knowledge about gown construction, different fabrics, and embellishments gives us a step above any of our competitors. 

We both choose the safest method to clean your gown and we both understand the level of professionalism and customer service needed when it comes to handling such an important item. Sunshine is also a trusted partner of theknot.com for wedding gown cleaning and preservation. 

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Our Process

All wedding gowns are hand processed individually. They are pretreated for any spots and stains, with special attention and treatment taken to the hemlines as well as the underarms. There is also a light used to find any invisible stains such as white wine. All gowns are inspected post cleaning with any additional spot cleaning being performed as needed. Once the cleaning is complete, the gown is moved to the finishing department for steaming and pressing. 

Each gown is hand steamed and pressed. They are then inspected yet again for any missed spots or details. Any notations or requests that are noted on the form are then addressed, making sure all stains that can be removed are taken care of, and that any repairs are handled. Once the inspector is satisfied that all of these areas have been met, the gown is then moved to the preservation department, ready to get preserved. 

The gown is then moved to a climate controlled room for the preservation process. All materials used for preservation are acid free and of archival quality. Each gown receives white glove service. The completed gown is placed on a bust form to keep its shape and display its beauty. The gown is then placed in a preservation box with a viewing window. The box is then sealed to protect the gown from the elements. Nitrogen is injected into the box to create a sterile environment. The completed gown is placed in an outer box to protect the inner box.

Once the preservation process is complete, we receive the gowns back to our facility for the customer to pick it up! We do not recommend tampering with any of the boxes or seals once you pick the wedding gown up, since it can ruin the sterile environment within the boxes. 

Remember, you can pair any of our services with our FREE pickup and delivery service for ultimate convenience!


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