Should You Dry Clean Wool?

Now that autumn is in full swing and winter is soon to follow, it is time to break out all your favorite cold-weather clothes including your wool sweaters and coats. Wool clothing is comfy, fashionable, and perfect for this time of year. However, anyone who has ever owned a wool sweater knows that caring for and cleaning wool can be anything but simple. 

When you try to wash your wool clothes all it takes is one small misstep and you’ll find yourself with a once favorite article of clothing that is now three times too small. Heck, on many occasions you can do everything right and through sheer force of dumb luck you can find yourself in the same position.

Some wool pieces are designated “dry clean only,” however you’ll notice that the majority of wool clothes are not. Many people will try and wash their wool sweaters themselves. But even with handwashing, cleaning wool is a tricky thing and can be made much more simple and easy by taking it to a professional cleaner, even if it isn’t designated “dry clean only.”

Here are three reasons why you should consider taking your wool clothing and items to a professional dry cleaner.

Prevent shrinkage

The biggest fear of wool sweater owners is shrinkage. Having your all-time favorite sweater suddenly shrink down to a size that it now only fits your 8-year old nephew is the stuff of nightmares. Wool shrinks when exposed to high heat and moisture and can be exacerbated by violent mechanical actions which is why it is almost never advisable to get your beloved wool clothing anywhere near a washer and dryer unit.

The advantage of taking your wool clothes to a professional dry cleaner is that it avoids the heavy soaking, heat, and rough and tumble washing machine environment that causes wool sweaters to normally shrink. The dry cleaning process utilizes cleaning solvents (not water) to treat your sweaters and get them clean and bypasses traditional drying methods which can cause the fibers of your clothes to lock up and shrink. 

Preserve clothing quality

Washing a delicate clothing material like wool in a washer and dryer can seriously damage not only the fibers but also any other decorative elements of the sweater. When not properly treated, wool can felt. This occurs when the wool fibers fray and fuse with other fibers around it, creating an unpleasant solid lumping on areas of your sweater. Additionally, you risk any buttons, sequins, lace, and other decorative elements coming loose and falling off. So even if you are able to salvage any shrinkage, you’ll still have to deal with damaged goods.

The gentle cleaning and drying process of dry cleaning treats your wool sweaters with the utmost care and helps preserve the quality of your clothes fibers as well as protects against the loss of buttons, sequins, and more. In fact, the deep clean the dry cleaning process entails can actually help rejuvenate the luster of fibers and help them look as good as new. 

Easily clean larger items

If you are going to wash wool at home, your best bet is to hand wash it. Although this is the most reliable DIY method for cleaning wool and avoiding shrinkage, it is a very involved process that takes time and care. Let’s just say if you plan to hand wash a couple of wool sweaters, you’d better clear your schedule and set aside an entire evening. And forget about washing entire wool coats or blankets that have been soiled, you may need the entire week to take that on!

No matter the size or the object, getting your wool sweaters, blankets, coats, and everything else professionally dry cleaned is the ultimate no-hassle cleaning method. No overly-involved processes, no worrying that you’ll ruin your favorite article of clothing, and no getting your hands dirty (or wet, to be more precise). Just drop it off with the cleaners and carry on with the rest of your day carefree knowing your precious and delicate wool attire is safe with a professional cleaner.

Want to make life even easier? Why even drop it off at the dry cleaners when the dry cleaners can come to you? Morellis Cleaners now offers pickup and drop off laundry and dry cleaning services for our locations across Indianapolis, so you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home to get your clothes the cleaning they deserve.

If you are breaking out your favorite wool sweaters for the first time this year, call your friendly neighborhood professional cleaners at Morellis! We’ll get them clean and ready to keep you warm this coming winter season. Call 317-803-2644 to learn more or schedule a pickup online now.


Should you dry clean wool?

Some kinds of wool is labeled “dry clean only” and should of course be dry cleaned. But other kinds of wool is also fine to dry clean, especially if you don’t want to risk damaging or shrinking your clothes.

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