Winter Clothing Care Tips

For almost anyone living here in Indianapolis, it’s almost a rite of passage to pack up your summer clothing and unpack your winter clothes in the fall. Well, now that the leaves are changing and fall decorations are going up, it’s time to think about getting your winter clothing cared for ready to wear. 

With winter comes the comfy wool sweaters, leather jackets, and long coats. Who doesn’t love their winter wardrobe? This cozy comfort doesn’t come without an expense, though. When it comes to winter clothing care, it’s not as simple as just unpacking them and hanging them up in your closet. Here’s why you need to have your winter clothes cleaned by a professional before wearing them this winter season and other winter clothing care tips.

Remove Bacteria and Other Harmful Things

Regular dry cleaning is beneficial to your winter wardrobe for more reasons than one. Dry cleaning removes dirt, moisture, and sweat that might have gathered in storage. Thick clothing can fall prey to harmful bacteria and dust mites that both thrive in fabric.

Failure to rid your clothes of that bacteria can be potentially dangerous to you and others, especially if you suffer from things such as asthma or hay fever. If you have your winter clothes professionally dry cleaned regularly, they’ll last much longer and premature damage to the clothing items can be prevented. 

Avoid Water Damage

Instead of water, dry cleaners typically use fluids to remove stains and soils from fabrics. Natural fibers, such as silk and wool, dry clean beautifully but can become distorted and shrink when washed in plain water. 

Because of the fluids used in dry cleaning, wool, fur, and other fabric that might be damaged by excess water will be safe. The fluids used in dry cleaning apply no damage to sensitive material in things such as coats and sweaters.

Make Your Winter Wardrobe Last

You might not even realize it, but cleaning your chunky sweaters and long coats at home can ruin the fibers. Wool fibers stretch and swell with excess water while household detergents can hide in the thick fibers and cause damage over time.

Taking your winter wardrobe to a professional dry cleaner is the best way to extend the life of your clothing items. Professional dry cleaning services know which method of cleaning will suit your coats and sweaters best. This helps your items stay in better condition for much longer.

When unpacking your winter clothes, consider having them professionally dry cleaned. Here at Morellis Cleaners, you can count on our years of experience to properly clean and deliver the best winter clothing care for your winter wardrobe. 

With our new pickup and delivery service, there’s no need to worry about packing your clothes into your car and driving over to us. Let us make your life easier! Call or contact us today to learn more about our pickup and delivery and other dry cleaning services.

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